The four Wild Wind brothers are caring for their grandparents' dog, Dixie. When they take her for a walk in the woods, they find far more than they bargained for as their imaginations run wild. They might even find a little loot if they look hard enough. But will they make it out of the WILD WOODS to tell the tale?


Henry Wind

Henry is driven and a natural leader or at the very least, the guy with the map. He uses his action archeologist skills to lead his brothers to fortune and glory.

Mark Wind

Mark’s wild red hair matches his wild personality. He’s more than happy to charge into adventures, clearing the way for his brothers and getting to be the first in the action.

Scott Wind

Adventuring around the woods can be harrowing business. Scott likes to make sure he and his brothers get to have fun while they search for treasure and try to stay ahead of the danger.

Reed Wind

The youngest of the four Wind brothers might also be the most observant. Reed keeps his eyes open and watches his brothers back at every turn.


Being a dog, specifically a Doodle, Dixie is more or less a big ol’ fluff monster. The boys love her and she loves them. About the only thing she doesn’t love are those darn squirrels.