Action INK Comics is a Twin Cities based company founded by brothers Brandon Wind and Kevin Wind. Driven by a love for classic American comic storytelling and equipped with the skill and vision to create original, dynamic and compelling stories, we aim to deliver just that.

We love that with comics you can tell a story as epic as you can imagine and all from your desk with a pencil, paper and ink. We hope you enjoy the characters, stories and action we deliver.



I am a Twin Cities based Illustrator, writer, designer and animator. I’ve worked on a variety of games and characters for Kids WB, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Paramount, and Adult Swim as well for other branded I.P. for various clients.

Among those are Teen Titans GO!, Tom and Jerry, Tweety Bird (Looney Toons), 5-Minute to Kill: YOURSELF, SpongeBob Square Pants, and Adventure Time, and Wizard of Oz.

I created The Local Haunt© back in 2005, starting it as a comic strip, more cartoony style but later adapting it to a comic book look that I reimagined for Action Ink Comics. I work as the penciler, inker, cover and layout artist as well as the writer. This way I can get these stories, locations and characters out of my brain, to the page and make the world a little more mysterious as I go.


Hey all! I'm Brandon C. Wind, I'm a Twin Cities based illustrator, writer and designer. While the design part of my work has been pretty standard I have had the pleasure of doing freelance illustration for Eaglebrook Church, Trout Lake Camps and a little comic book start-up called Futuredude Entertainment creating characters and brand standards, working for digital and print medium and general cartooning.

I created The Junior Varsity© in 2005 and while the story and characters have changed quite a bit, the heart, soul and humor have remained the same! This story has gone from a comic book, to a brief stint as a Sunday comic strip and back to a comic book for it's relaunch for Action Ink Comics. I am the writer, penciler, inker, and layout production artist (and at one point the printer) to bring the story of young Junior Varsity to life!